Types of Cream Biscuit

marshmallow-sandwich-biscuit  Marshmallow Sandwich Biscuit is one of Shirin Nab confectionery and biscuits productions. This biscuits center filled by sweet fruity flavor cream and coated by chocolate. for more information about packaging and which taste and quality detail please click on each below products.


sandwich biscuit with coated by white chocolate

white chocolate marshmallow biscuit

sandwich marshmallow biscuit with fruits flavor

fruity taste marshmallow biscuit

chocolated sandwich biscuit production

marshmallow cream biscuit

nougat and caramel chocolate bar product

Chocolate bar caramel

chocolate bar biscuit with caramel

hazel caramel chocolate bar

chocolate caramel nougat bar product

chocolate nougat and caramel

all type of cream biscuits