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Shirin Nab Industrial Group respects the satisfaction of the customers and sees itself indebted to customers attention and precision at excellence and development in standard and quality . We feel all the time by you and with you. Your invaluable opinions and your touch with us guarantee our success . We are looking forward to hear from you.


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Factory address : Km5 Sero Road – Urmia – Iran

Tell: +98 044 32788885-8

Fax : +98 044 32788889

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Quality Control Unit

Activity of Shirin Nab Co. quality control unit starts before the ingredients enter the factory. The ingredients are being provided by most current & modern and trusted & reliable suppliers in the world.

Nevertheless at every purchase, a sample is received and after having passed a quality assurance & comparison test with the ideal one purchase gets done. The bought ingredients before entering the production system get tested by different physical chemical and microbial tests. Shirin Nab production standard yardstick conformed with the latest national food industrial standards Iran & the world. To be assured of this all the personnel have passed the needed instructions and every one of them does the needed maintenances works for the continuity of the quality principles of production.

quality control for cake and cookies productions

Quality control for biscuit production


Besides quality control unit which is being managed by the professionals in the courses of chemistry food industries and nutrition has the non-stop supervision overall production phases. This quality control unit also supervises the phases after production, storage, loading and transportation so to make sure that Shirin Nab productions get to the customers at the best possible condition.

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About Shirin Nab Company

Warm welcome to Shirin Nab Bakhtar biscuits & confectionery manufacturing company website.

Shirin Nab Bakhtar Co. which is based in Urmia, west Azerbaijan province, Iran; is one of the main producers of biscuits and confectionery products in Iran which exports its products to middle east and central asian countries. We are producing a wide range of confectioneries with different high quality ingredients and innovative packaging. We have taken great steps in order to satisfy all our customers’ requirements and tastes relying on advanced production equipment and very professional and experienced staff,  modern and updated quality control department and laboratories.

Cake and biscuit

bakery production from Iran


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